Silent Insight Meditation Retreat 9.–19.4.2020 in Kruusila, Finland: Yuka Nakamura and Kirsten Kratz

Delightful presence

There is a joy in being fully present – dwelling with a ’heart-mind’ that is spacious, peaceful, sensitive, receptive and malleable. By cultivating calm, well-being and steadiness we learn to tap into inner resources that are essential and supportive both on our path and in everyday life.

We can find a sense of ease and well-being that doesn’t depend on outer circumstances and develop a clear mind that enables us to see through our confusion and mis-perceptions. Together these qualities support us to wake up to our deepest potential.

The teachings presented during this retreat will emphasize continuous awareness as basis for clear seeing and developing wisdom. The meditation techniques we practice are over 2,500 years old and are mostly based on the Theravada Buddhist tradition. Taking part in the retreat does not, however, require an adherence to Buddhism or any adaptation of personal faith.

Why take part in the retreat? What happens on a retreat?

This retreat is suitable for experienced meditators, the minimum requirement is one 5-day silent retreat (in any tradition).

Teachings are offered mainly in English. The daily routine consists mostly of sitting and walking meditation and also includes instructions for meditation, an evening talk, a working period and a voluntary exercise of mindful movement. The retreat is held in silence except during individual or group interviews with a teacher.

The retreat includes a daily breakfast, lunch and light dinner, all vegetarian. Participants stay in 2-4 person rooms. The retreat will take place at the Friendship Inn, which is located in Kruusila, near Salo, on the shore of beautiful Lake Pernjärvi.

Who are the teachers?

Yuka Nakamura, PhD, has been practicing in several Buddhist traditions (Vipassana, Dzogchen and Zen) since 1993 and has practiced for long periods in the US (IMS, Spirit Rock), Burma and Japan. She has been teaching since 2012 at the Meditation Center Beatenberg in Switzerland, IMS (US), Gaia House (UK) and other places. She is a trained psychologist and MBSR-teacher and teacher-trainer.

Kirsten Kratz has practised Buddhist meditation in Asia and the West since 1993. In 2006 she started to teach and since 2008 teaches group retreats in Gaia House where she also supports those on long term personal retreat. One of her particular passions is exploring how wisdom teachings can foster appropriate responses to the challenges of our time. Kirsten is co-initiator of the Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement (DANCE). Talks by Kirsten can be found here.

How much does it cost? How can I sign up?

The base price is 330 euros, but it is also possible to pay more or less than this. You may sign up by paying the registration fee and filling in the registration form. More information about the price, registration and other details.

Tuulikki Hukka – registrations (+35850 432 9241)