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Allaolevasta listasta löytyy Nirodhan retriiteillä, opettajavierailuilla ja meditaatioilloissa äänitettyjä englanninkielisiä opetuspuheita ja ohjattuja meditaatiota.

Englanninkielisiä äänitteitä eri vipassana-opettajilta löytyy runsaasti myös DharmaSeed– ja AudioDharma-sivustoilta.

Äänitteitä vuodelta 2023

Pääsiäisretriitti 2023, Noon Baldwin

Instructions, a 30min guided body meditation a poem
A 20min guided body meditation
A 40min guided meditation (body, breathing)
Dharma talk Noon s influences (e.g. Thai Forest Tradition), a poem, 5 phases of mindfullness, 5 obstacles tools of meditation
A 40 min guided meditation (body, senses, awareness, contemplation, constant change, freedom)
Questions, instructions (e.g. for sleepiness, noise), a 30min guided meditation (breathing, body)
A question on eyes open shut, a 25min guided body meditation
A 40min guided meditation (body, senses, inner atmosphere)

Äänitteitä vuodelta 2022

Leela Sarti – Timeless presence 22.-29.5.2022 [dharmaseed]

Kirsten Kratz ja Sari Markkanen – Ei-itseys ja minuuksien tanssi 12.-18.9.2022
13.9.2022, Reflections on ways of looking (Kirsten Kratz)
14.9.2022, Instructions, widening awareness (Kirsten Kratz)
14.9.2022, Guided meditation, ways of looking (Sari Markkanen)
15.9.2022, Metta instructions (Sari Markkanen)
16.9.2022, Guided Anatta meditation (Sari Markkanen)
16.9.2022, Reflections on lessening of fabrication (Sari Markkanen)
17.9.2022, Instructions on senses of selves and a guided meditation (Sari Markkanen)

Äänitteitä vuodelta 2021

Catherine McGee online-retriitti 5.-8.2.2021
Meditation – In whose gaze  –  20 minutes short guided meditation to find and then rest in the ‘gaze’ of an ‘other’. An ‘other’ in whose gaze your body relaxes and in whose gaze your heart lets down its defenses.
Meditation – Allowing – Practising this way of looking can be such a balm for the heart.
Meditation – A question for the heart of your body ‘what is Needed right now, my love_’ – Cultivating a receptive, deeply listening and loving attention to your body, heart and mind.

Online Retreat with Greg Scharf and Anne Patrikainen: Recognizing Natural Awareness 20.-25.7.2021

Greg’s talks on Dharmaseed

Anne’s talks:
21.7.2021, How to practice on an online retreat
21.7.2021, Metta meditation
21.7.2021, Guided walking meditation
22.7.2021, Dharma talk: Non-identification
23.7.2021, Guided meditation: Thoughts, mindstates, emotions
24.7.2021, Dharma talk: Reasons for doing meditation
24.7.2021, Guided meditation: Six sense doors
25.7.2021, Guided meditation: Awareness of awareness

Äänitteitä vuodelta 2020

Online Retreat with Sumedha & Noon, 13-18.10.2020
13.10.2020, Guided meditation with Sumedha
14.10.2020, Dharma talk with Sumedha – Taking refuge in awareness, taking refuge in the Buddha, dharma and sangha.
14.10.2020, Guided meditation with Noon – Instructions on posture, body grounding & awareness in contact points.
15.10.2020, Sitting meditation with Noon – Body awareness, curiosity and tuning into the right amount of effort. First three of the seven factors of enlightenment.
15.10.2020 Guided meditation with Sumedha – Finding the balance, resting the mind, cultivating the ground of presence.
15.10.2020 Instructions on walking meditation
15.10.2020 Dharma Talk
16.10.2020 Sitting meditation with Sumedha – Building trust into the anchors within our own being and gently noticing our presence.
16.10.2020 Guided meditation with Noon – Feeling into the pleasant, neutral and unpleasant qualities in our experience.
16.10.2020 Evening meditation with Sumedha and chanting – Wishing well-being, learning to resonate with the intention of kindness. Chanting of Handa mayam brahmaviharapharanam karomase.
17.10.2020 Sitting meditation with Noon – Feeling into the bone structure, the scaffolding inside.
17.10.2020 Guided meditation with Sumedha – First foundation of mindfulness, the body and the elements. The beautiful dance of individuality and deep belonging, connectedness.
17.10.2020 Dharma talk with Noon – There is a need for steadiness in this great era of the practice of impermanence. Steadiness is the fruit of meditation that can be found inside. And there is a strength in that soft heart too.
17.10.2020 Short guided meditation with Sumedha – Our own, unique awareness.
18.10.2020 Sitting meditation with Sumedha – Coming back to the simple tools, practicing with them over and over deepens our presence.
18.10.2020 Guided meditation with Noon – Feeling the pull towards the earth, sinking into being here.

Andrea Fella online retreat, 18-23.9.2020 [dharmaseed]

Äänitteitä vuodelta 2019

Rob Burbea emptiness webinar 15.9.

Greg Scharf ja Marie Ericsson 10. – 17.8.

James & Jane Baraz 8.-15.7.

9.7. James – Guided meditation

9.7. Jane – Self-compassion

9.7. James – Dharma talk: 7 factors of enlightenment

10.7. James – Guided meditation

10.7. Anne – Metta 1

10.7. Jane – Dharma talk: Meeting difficult emotions

Sayadaw U Tejaniya & Alexis Santos 24.5.-15.6.

Morning instructions by Sayadaw:

Sayadaw’s instructions for daily life at the end of first week and at the end of the retreat:

Group interviews 26.5.-

Group interviews 2.6.-

Group interviews 10.6.-

Martine Batchelor

Sat 16.3.

Sun 17.3.

Mon 18.3.

Tue 19.3.

Catherine McGee

Mon 28.1.

Tue 29.1.

Wed 30.1.

Thu 31.1.

Fri 1.2.

Sat 2.2.

Äänitteitä vuodelta 2018

Sumedha & Noon









Leela Sarti

Guided meditation 14.8.

Dharma talk: embodiment 14.8

Metta practice 15.8.

Dharma talk: The heart center, belonging & value 15.8.

Heart practice 16.8.

Dharma talk 16.8.

Metta & widening being 17.8.

Dharma talk: Space, time & being a good ancestor 17.8.

James & Jane Baraz

Easter retreat

Recordings from Sampo-Center tuesdays 2018

3.4.2018 Sampo Koistinen: Samadhi
3.4.2018 Sampo Koistinen: Guided samadhi meditation

3.7.2018 Anne Patrikainen: Heavenly messengers
6.3.2018 Anne Patrikainen: Greed / Aversion

Äänitteitä vuodelta 2017

Caroline Jonesin ja Paul Burrowsin Vipassana – retriitti

Day 1 (Sun) AM Paul: Guided meditation                                                                                    Day 1 (Sun) PM Caroline: Guided body scanning                                                                       Day 1 (Sun) PM Paul: Dharma talk                                                                                                Day 2 (Mon) PM Caroline: Guided metta meditation                                                               Day 2 (Mon) PM Caroline: Dharma talk, Inner critic                                                                Day 3 (Tue) AM Paul: Guided metta meditation                                                                        Day 3 (Tue) PM Paul: Dharma talk                                                                                               Day 4 (Wed) PM Caroline: Guided meditation, Wise support                                                 Day 4 (Wed) PM Caroline: Dharma talk, Stories & Chanting                                                  Day 5 (Thu) PM Paul: Dharma talk + Q & A                                                                                Day 6 (Fri) AM Caroline: Guided meditation, metta as the four elements                           Day 6 (Fri) PM Paul: Experiment, connecting with the heart

Marie Ericssonin ja Ragnvald Jonssonin Vipassana – Qi Gong -retriitti

Day 1 (Sat) AM Guided meditation: Breath & Body + walking meditation instructions      Day 1 (Sat) PM Guided meditation: Breath & body vol. 2                                                         Day 1 (Sat) PM Dharma talk: Transformation                                                                            Day 2 (Sun) AM Guided meditation: Mind                                                                                  Day 2 (Sun) PM Guided meditation: Thoughts                                                                           Day 2 (Sun) PM Dharma talk: Three skillful mindstates                                                          Day 3 (Mon) AM Guided meditation: Repeating what we’ve learned so far                         Day 3 (Mon) PM Guided meditation: Metta                                                                                Day 3 (Mon) PM Qi Gong standing meditation                                                                          Day 3 (Mon) PM Dharma talk: Buddha as a revolutionary rebel                                            Day 4 (Tue) AM Guided meditation: Vipassana                                                                         Day 4 (Tue) PM Guided meditation: Metta                                                                                 Day 4 (Tue) PM Dharma talk: Vipassana tradition & Daily practice

Patricia Genoud-Feldmanin ja Yuka Nakamuran pääsiäisretriitti

Day 1 (Fri) AM Instructions: Body Awareness                                                                              Day 2 (Sat) AM Instructions: Path of Clarity                                                                               Day 2 (Sat) PM Guided Meditation: Metta – Aspect of Practice                                              Day 2 (Sat) PM Dharma Talk: Patricia – Many Themes                                                            Day 3 (Sun) AM Instructions: Expanding Our Practice From the Anchor                            Day 3 (Sun) PM Guided Meditation: Metta                                                                                 Day 3 (Sun) PM Dharma Talk: Yuka – Khandas, Deconstructing the Self                             Day 4 (Mon) AM Instructions: Overview and Emotions                                                           Day 4 (Mon) PM Guided Meditation: Metta                                                                                Day 4 (Mon) PM Dharma Talk: Patricia – Trust

Martine Batchelorin talviretriitti 2017

Day 1 (Sat) AM Instructions: Letting Go / What We Do When We Meditate
Day 1 (Sat) AM Discussion
Day 1 (Sat) PM Guided Meditation: Body Scan
Day 1 (Sat) PM Dharma Talk: Different Ways of Letting Go
Day 2 (Sun) AM Instructions: Tonality of Experience
Day 2 (Sun) AM Discussion
Day 2 (Sun) PM Guided Meditation: Feeling Tones (plus Loving-Kindness / Metta Phrases)
Day 2 (Sun) PM Dharma Talk: Four Stages of Letting Go
Day 3 (Mon) AM Instructions: Mudita (Appreciative Joy) Practice
Day 3 (Mon) AM Discussion Missing Due to Recording Problems
Day 3 (Mon) PM Guided Meditation: Mudita
Day 3 (Mon) PM Dharma Talk: Three Qualities for Letting Go (Great Faith, Great Courage, Great Questioning)
Day 4 (Tue) AM Instructions: What Is This? (plus Compassion / Karuna)
Day 4 (Tue) AM Discussion
Day 4 (Tue) PM Guided Meditation: What Is This?
Day 4 (Tue) PM Dharma Talk: Sustaining and Enabling Positive States

Äänitteitä vuodelta 2016

Marie Ericsson & Greg Scharf 2016

Guided Metta (Greg)
Kilesas & Attitude (Marie) taken with permission from sangha.nu/marie-ericsson-dhammatal/)
Guided Metta (Marie)
Life of Buddha (Greg)
The 7 Factors of Enlightenment (Marie)
Guided Metta (Marie)
Patience & Forgiveness (Greg)
Guided Metta (Greg)
Buddha & Nature (Marie)
Guided Metta with special metta to mice and to that one salmon (Marie)
Independent Abiding (Greg)

James Baraz 2016

Guided Meditation: How to return to the breath (James, day 2, morning instructions)
Guided Meditation (+Q&A): Three Components of Self-compassion (Jane)
Dharma Talk: Five Spiritual Faculties (James, day 2)
Guided Meditation: Opening up to other physical experiences (James, day 3, morning instructions)
Questions and Answers
Guided Meditation: Metta (James, for Self)
Dharma Talk: The 5 Hindrances (James, day 3)
Guided Meditation: Including thoughts and emotions (James, day 4, morning instructions)
Q&A, Emotions (James)
Guided Meditation: Metta (for self, for a friend, Jane)
Dharma Talk: The Judging and Comparing Mind (James)
Guided Meditation: Noticing the Pleasant, Unpleasant, Neutral (James, day 5, morning instructions)
Guided Meditation: Metta (for a neutral person, James)
Dharma Talk: Transforming Suffering into Happiness (James)
Guided meditation: Spacious awareness / Being Aware of the Awareness (James, day 6, morning instructions)
Guided Meditation: Metta (for a difficult person, James)

Nathan Glyde ja Zohar Lavie 2016

Activism talk in Helsinki
Meditation in Helsinki

Dharma Gathering
Day 1 instructions – breath
The Buddhas teachings to his son
Viriya – bringing energy to what matters
Day 2 instructions – body pain & spacious awareness
Generosity – abundance and the self
Transforming the pattern – calmness into insight

Trekking Retreat
Kindfulness – Shake off your dust – rain on tarp roof
No thing to fear – pretty windy
Strength to be vulnerable – windy conditions
The gifts of uncertainty
Yatra of love

Sayadaw U Tejaniyan retriitti  toukokuu 2016



Ryhmä A: group_a_160508, group_a_160510, group_a3
Ryhmä B: group_b_160508, group_b_160510, group_b3
Ryhmä C: group_c_160509group_c_160511, group_c3
Ryhmä D: group_d_160509group_d_160511, group_d3

Alexis Santosin puheet ”evening reflections”

Saturday 7.5.2016
Sunday 8.5.2016
Monday 9.5.2016
Tuesday 10.5.2016
Wednesday 11.5.2016
Thursday 12.5.2016
Friday 13.5.2016
Saturday 14.5.2016

Pääsiäisretriitti Patricia Genoud-Feldman and Ariya Baumann 24.-29.3.2016

Valitettavasti pääsiäisretriitin 2016 puheiden tallennus ei onnistunut toivotulla tavalla. Oheiset äänitiedostot ovat heikkolaatuisia. Pahoittelut!

Ariya’s morning sitting and walking meditation instructions
Ariya’s afternoon guided metta-meditation
Patricia’s Dharma talk: Mindfulness and the five hindrances

Patricia’s morning instructions: Physical sensations versus mental experiences
Patricia’s metta chant and guided meditation
Ariya’s Dharma talk: Body and mind experience, four foundations of mindfulness  (satipatthana)

Ariya’s morning meditation instructions
Ariya’s metta chanting and instructions, metta as daily practice
Patricia’s Dharma talk:four noble truths, the second arrow

Patricia’s morning instructions: feeling tones and thoughts
Patricia’s metta chant and instructions
Ariya’s Dharma talk: practice in daily life, generosity and ethical conduct

Martine Batchelorin talviretriitti 2016

1st morning instructions -Building Blocks of Meditation
Guided Meditation – body scan
2nd morning instructions – listening meditation
2nd day guided meditation – feeling tone
2nd evening dharmatalk – identity, emotional life & grasping
3rd morning instructions – rejoicing
3rd day guided meditation – rejoicing
3rd evening dharmatalk – identity and society
4th morning instructions – what is this
4th day guided meditation – what is this

Äänitteitä vuodelta 2015

Leigh Brasingtonin jhana-retriitti 16.-25.10.2015

Four Jhanas
Samaññaphala Sutta (DN 2)
Jhanas 5-8 & Q&A
Dying, Samsara and Dependent Origination
Bāhiya Sutta (UD 1.10) and Practice & Q&A
Mahatanhasankhaya Sutta (MN 38) & Q&A
Mettas: Flower Garden, Lotus, Fountain of Love, Metta sutta, Soup, Lake and Jewel.

James Barazin päiväretriitit 25.7. ja 26.7.2015

James Baraz: The Power of Intention
James Baraz: Equanimity: Finding Balance in Our Practice (with Q&A)

Kesäretriitti / Patricia Genoud-Feldman & Charles Genoud

Charles Genoud: Morning Instructions
Charles Genoud: Instructions for Walking Meditation
Charles Genoud: Meaning of Vipassana

Charles Genoud: Morning Instructions
Patricia Genoud-Feldman: Attitude in Practice
Patricia Genoud-Feldman: Guided Metta Meditation

Charles Genoud: Morning Instructions
Charles Genoud: Questioning Practice
Patricia Genoud-Feldman: Guided Metta Meditation

Charles Genoud: Thoughts
Patricia Genoud-Feldman: Greed and Aversion

Charles Genoud: Morning Instructions
Charles Genoud: Mindfulness, Concepts and Reality
Patricia Genoud-Feldman: Guided Metta Meditation

Charles Genoud: Morning Instructions
Patricia Genoud-Feldman: Mudita
Patricia Genoud-Feldman: Practice in Daily Life

Charles Genoud: Dana

Pääsiäisretriitti / Martine Batchelor

Sitting meditation introduction  (17 min)
We are all connected to each other (40 min)
Sitting meditation introduction on sounds (15 min)
Grasping (49 min)
Sitting meditation introduction on feelingtones (12 min)
Feelingtones in everyday life (42 min)
Sitting meditation introduction on altruistic joy (16 min)
Mudita in everyday life, balancing compassion with equanimity (44 min)

Äänitteitä vuodelta 2014

Kesäretriitti / Leela Sarti & Yanai Postelnik

Leela Sarti: Guided meditation on body sensations
Leela Sarti: Dharma talk on awareness and presence
Leela Sarti: the five hindrances; Yanai Postelnik: walking meditation instructions.
Yanai Postelnik: Dharma talk about ageing, being in the body, shedding layers
Leela Sarti: Guided metta meditation
Leela Sarti: Dharma talk about the anatomy of love and compassion
Yanai Postelnik: Dharma talk about Impermanence – living in a rental accommodation
Yanai Postelnik: Dharma talk: calm insight – season of the heart
Yanai Postelnik: Dharma talk about qualities of the human heart and mind
Yanai Postelnik & Leela Sarti: Closing talk and metta meditation

Pääsiäisretriitti / Patricia Genoud-Feldman

Day 1 – Sammasati – mindfulness and wisdom
Day 2 – The four noble truths
Day 3 – Mindfulness of thoughts and emotions
Day 4 – The art of living a balanced life

Vanhempia äänitteitä

Syysretriitti 2013: Jhana jasatipatthana / Leigh Brasington

Instructions for Access Concentration and the First Jhana
Dukkha and the Eightfold Path
Guided Contemplation of the Five Daily Recollections
Commentary on the Five Daily Recollections
Five Hindrances for Meditation
Metta Bhavana by a Beam of Light
The Maha Satipatthana Sutta with an Introduction to It
The First Four Jhanas
Metta Bhavana by a Fountain in the Heart
The Big E
Samannaphala sutta
A Guided Meditation on the Four Elements
Jhanas 5, 6, 7 and 8
Mindfulness of Vedanas
Dependent Origination

Syksyn 2012 vipassana-retriitti / Caroline Jones & Paul Burrows
Paul 1st day
Caroline 2nd day
Paul 3rd day
Caroline 4th day
Paul 5th day

Kesän 2012 metta-retriitti / Caroline Jones & Paul Burrows
Five hindrances
Loving kindness
Listening to the teachings
Avijja (not seeing)
Four kinds of love (the brahma viharas)

Caroline Jonesin 2011 opettajavierailun tiistai-illat
Guided meditation (25 min)
Talk: Happy endings (28 min)
Guided meditation: Open presence (30 min)
Talk: Meditation (34 min)
Guided meditation: Compassion (30 min)
Talk: Five precepts (40 min)

Syysretriitti 2011 Paul Burrows & Caroline Jones
Being on your own side—psychological integration and the non-measurable
Anapanasati sutta
Contentment, independent of conditions
Relativity of all things, emptiness
Breathing with kindness
Anapanasati, intro
Body scan and unified awareness
Anapanasati continued, joy and happiness (piti and sukha)
Dealing with thoughts
Awareness (of itself)
Impermanence and the rest of the path

Pääsiäisretriitti 2011 / Patricia Genoud-Feldman
Dharma talk #1
Dharma talk #2

Meditaatioillan opetuspuhe / Evening talk 2.11.2010
Caroline Jones: Renunciation

The 10 Paramitas Retreat 10/2010 Caroline Jones & Jake Dartington
CJ 1st morning instructions
CJ 2nd morning patience & hindrances
CJ 3rd morning instructions (samadhi)
CJ morning instructions – review of the paramis
CJ guided metta meditation
CJ guided mindfulness med
CJ guided med listening to sounds
CJ Determination & Paramis as a whole
CJ chanting
CJ 3rd morning instructions (samadhi)
JD Opening talk

JD Morning instructions vipassana
JD morning instructions – wisdom
JD metta instr. & guided meditation
JD Guided meditation mindfulness of body
JD Ethics
JD Equanimity
JD Dedication to truth