Daylong retreats with James Baraz on July 25 – 26, 2015

Nirodha will organize two daylong insight (vipassana) meditation retreats with James Baraz at 10 AM – 6 PM on July 25 and July 26, 2015 in Helsinki, Finland. It is possible to sign up for one or two days. The retreats are held in English.

Saturday, July 25: The Joy of Letting Go

Just what does the phrase ”let go” mean? Renunciation (nekkhama in Pali), one of the ten perfections, is often thought of as sacrifice, as something we should do because it’s ”good for us” though not particularly uplifting. Actually, the Buddha spoke of this quality as leading to true contentment and happiness.

This daylong, with periods of silent sitting and walking meditation, will explore the place of letting go in practice and how it can be applied in daily life. Appropriate for new and experienced students with instructions, dharma talk and group interviews. In addition, individual interviews will be offered by Jane Baraz.

Sunday, July 26: Making Friends with Ourselves, Our Greatest Gift to Others

When we develop a basic kindness towards ourselves we not only learn to accept the difficult parts, but in the process embrace our humanity and see more clearly the beauty that’s inside. As we do that we allow our goodness and True Nature to shine through. This becomes a gift to everyone we meet, a healing energy that awakens the goodness in others as well.

This daylong suited for beginners and experienced students will include meditation instructions, periods of silent sitting and walking meditation and talks on the theme of the day. There will also be an opportunity to discuss your meditation practice with the teacher in group interviews. In addition, individual interviews will be offered by Jane Baraz.

Who’s teaching?

The teacher of the daylongs is James Baraz. He has been teaching meditation since 1978 and the popular online Awakening Joy course since 2003. He is a founding teacher of Spirit Rock Meditation Center where, in addition to leading retreats, he created the Community Dharma Leader program and the Kalyana Mitta (Spiritual Friends) Network and is the teacher-advisor to the Spirit Rock Family and Teen program.  James is co-author of Awakening Joy book, based on his course. He lives in California with his wife, Jane.

Individual interviews will be offered by Jane Baraz. She has been practicing meditation since 1976 and leads Awakening Joy workshops internationally. She served on the board of directors at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and helped start the Spirit Rock Family Program. Jane is a life coach who helps women live with more purpose, balance, and fulfillment.

Where’s the retreat venue? What to bring?

The venue of the two daylongs is Snellman-korkeakoulu, Puuskakuja 14, 00850 Helsinki. See here for a map. We will send an email reminder to the participants about  a week before the retreat. Please note that we are not able to arrange accommodation for those who’d like to take part in both daylongs.

Please bring your own lunch, as there’s no opportunity to buy anything at the retreat site. Tea and instant coffee will be offered. It is possible to sit on the floor or on a chair. Nirodha will provide some meditation mats, cushions and benches to the participants. We’ll let you know about a week before the retreat if there are not enough mats and cushions for everyone, so you’ll know if you need to bring your own.

How much does it cost? How can I sign up?

The retreat fee is 20 euros for one day and 40 euros for both days. The fee helps us to cover the rent of the retreat venue and a part the travel expenses of the teacher. The teacher won’t receive any payment for his work, but there will be an opportunity to give a donation to the teacher after the retreat.

You can sign up by paying the retreat fee to Nirodha’s account IBAN FI6012483000213060, BIC NDEAFIHH, reference number 720157, and filling out the registration form. In case of cancellations, the retreat fee is not refundable.

We feel that financial situation should not prevent anybody from participating, so we are willing to offer the daylongs for a reduced price, if needed. If the retreat fee is too high for you, please contact us at and let us know how much you are able to pay.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

With warm regards,
Helena Creutz (+358 40 513 1442)