Emptiness Clinic with Rob Burbea [webinar] 15.9.2019

Please note: This clinic is only for meditators working with the emptiness practices as Rob Burbea has outlined them in his book Seeing That Frees, in his dharma talks, or in Nirodha’s emptiness courses based on STF. (If you have questions or would like support with other practices, feel free to book a one-to-one with one of Nirodha’s guiding facilitators, who will be happy to support your practice and try and answer any questions.)


Rob Burbea will kindly be offering a 90 min Q & A session for anyone working at any level on the emptiness practices from Seeing that Frees: Meditations on Emptiness and Dependent Arising. This is a wonderful opportunity to ask for clarification and to hear and learn from others’ questions.

Date: Sunday 15.9.2019

Time: 20.00 – 21.30 EEST Finnish time

Donations: The webinar will be offered on a donation basis and participants will be notified of the ways in which it is possible to make a donation to Rob.

Registration: Please fill in this registration form to secure your place in the webinar. A zoom link will be sent to all of the participants on Sunday before the webinar.

ROB BURBEA has been practising and studying the Dharma since 1985. He has been teaching since 2004 and is a Guiding Teacher of Freely Given Retreats. He is a co-founder of SanghaSeva, an organisation dedicated to exploring the Dharma through service work internationally, and also a co-initiator of DANCE (Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement). He is the author of Seeing that Frees: Meditations on Emptiness and Dependent Arising.