Insight meditation retreat 24.-29.3.2016 in Kruusila, Finland

Awakening wisdom and opening our hearts

Why meditate?

Mindfulness meditation is a simple direct practice of the moment-to-moment careful attention given to our mind/body process, done with a relaxed and interested  attitude. By settling in the present we learn to meet our experience from a place of greater connectedness and balance. Doing this exploration we also begin to recognize the reactive patterns of mind that are painful and choose instead to strengthen qualities of mind that are helpful and healing. This kind of practice engenders a steadfast trust in ourselves as well as in the natural emerging wisdom of our hearts.

Loving-kindness meditation will be part of the retreat as it develops the heart’s capacity to open and relate to experiences with greater kindness and compassion.

These meditation practices are over 2500 years old and draw from the Theravada Buddhist tradition. However, taking part in the retreat does not require an adherence to Buddhism or any adaptation of personal faith.

Why attend a retreat? What happens at a retreat?

The retreat is held in English. The daily schedule will include sitting and walking meditation, as well as cultivating mindfulness during all other daily activities such as eating or work meditation. The retreat will take place in Noble Silence, and the format will include instructions in both types of meditation, an evening talk and discussions to support the participants in their practice.

This retreat is suitable for both beginners and advanced meditators. For beginners, the retreat is a great way to learn the basics of insight meditation and see its effects clearly. For advanced meditators, the retreat offers an excellent opportunity to deepen and clarify one’s practice under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

On the retreat we offer simple vegetarian breakfast, lunch and a light dinner. Accommodation is mainly in shared rooms of 2-4 people. The retreat Venue is Friendship Inn in Kruusila, near Salo, at the shore of lake Pernjärvi.

Who are the teachers?

The retreat will be taught by Patricia Genoud-Feldman and Ariya Baumann. Patricia has been practicing Buddhist meditation (Vipassana and Dzogchen) in Asia and the West since 1984 and teaching Vipassana internationally since 1997. More recently, she has also been teaching Insight Dialogue meditation retreats in Europe. Patricia is the co-founder and guiding teacher of the Meditation Centre Vimalakirti in Geneva, Switzerland. Some of Patricia’s dharma talks.

Ariya Baumann was a Buddhist nun for 21 years, ordained in Burma by Sayadaw U Janaka. Now she is based in Switzerland and teaches metta and vipassana meditation retreats worldwide. She has translated several Dhamma books from Burmese to English and German, including Sayadaw U Indaka’s books on metta and the factors of enlightenment.

How much does it cost? How can I sign up?

The retreat is now fully booked.

The base price of the retreat is 145 euros, but it is also possible to pay less or more than this. You can reserve a place by filling in the application form and paying the registration fee. Details about the price, registration and other practicalities.

Tuulikki Hukka (+358-50 432 9241)
Anna Backholm (+358-40-536 2946)