Silent vipassana meditation retreat 7.-16.7.2017 in Kruusila, Alexis Santos and Laura Bridgman (Sister Kovida)

Cultivating Wisdom through Natural Awareness and Compassion

During this ten days long retreat we will explore and cultivate a natural awareness and discernment based on the attitudes of relaxation and balance of mind, as well as a natural interest. There will be an emphasis on understanding how to practice. In particular, cultivating awareness, ”right intention” and “right view” from moment to moment.  When the mind is supported by these qualities we are able to learn from what is present in our direct experience.  It is through this relaxed, yet discerning awareness, that we come to understand the way things are.

In support of this relaxed continuity of awareness, the retreat schedule will include periods of self-directed practice. Retreatants will have an opportunity to follow their own rhythm of sitting and walking practice. In this ease of noticing our own experience the natural wisdom and compassion of the mind can blossom.

Who are the teachers

Alexis has practiced Insight Meditation in India, Burma and the US since 2001. He has been a long-time student of Sayadaw U Tejaniya, including several years of training as a Buddhist Monk under his guidance. Alexis’ teaching emphasizes knowing the mind through a natural and relaxed continuity. He brings a practical, intuitive and compassionate approach to the development of wisdom and qualities of the heart.

Laura ordained as Sister Kovida, a Siladhara with Ajahn Sumedho in 1995. She was resident at Amaravati and Chithurst monasteries for eighteen years until she moved out to live as a solitary nun in 2010. Over the past ten years she has spent extended periods of time with the Burmese teacher Sayadaw U Tejaniya. In 2015 Kovida left the monastic tradition in order to pursue the Diamond Heart (Ridhwan) spiritual path which incorporates both Buddhist and Sufi principles and practices.

How much does it cost? How can I sign up?

Retreat has passed.

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Please include the name or names of participants in the message field if you are not paying only for yourself from your own account.

You can also use PayPal. The recipient’s email address is If you send money by PayPal, we will charge you also the PayPal fee which is about 7 € for the whole retreat price. This fee will be charged when you pay the rest of the retreat fee.

The rest of the retreat fee (205 € in case of the base price) should be paid by June 7th 2017. In case of cancellations the registration fee is not refundable. If the cancellation takes place before June 7th 2017, the rest of the retreat fee will be returned.

If you are coming from abroad, please note that we are not able to provide any documents for visa applications because of limited resources.

We feel that financial situation should not prevent anybody from participating, so we are willing to offer the retreat for a reduced price, if needed. If the base price is too high for you, please contact us at and let us know how much you are able to pay. If you would like to support those in dire financial situation, you can pay more than the base price.

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