Silent vipassana meditation retreat 29.3.-3.4.2018 in Kruusila, Suvaco and Kirsten Kratz

Emptiness and the Liberating Dance of Perception

While some of us resonate deeply with the liberating teachings on emptiness, others may find themselves perplexed and hesitate to radically engage with this core aspect of the teachings.

No matter how we may initially resonate, can we see the exploration of this immensely rich subject as an invitation to an ever deepening journey of understanding that can bring forth profoundly liberating insights transforming the way we perceive self, other, and act in the world?

During this retreat we will emphasize the intimate connection between emptiness and the power of perception.

We will practice with core aspects of the Buddha’s teachings. By exploring how we create our perceptions we can liberate our ways of seeing to open, transform and release the mandala of our life.

Why take part in the retreat? What happens on a retreat?

For this retreat beginners are welcome, however some meditative experience is preferred for this retreat. For experienced meditators, a retreat is a great opportunity to deepen and clarify their practice under the guidance of qualified teachers.

The meditation techniques we practice are over 2,500 years old and are mostly based on the Theravada Buddhist tradition. Taking part in the retreat does not, however, require an adherence to Buddhism or any adaptation of personal faith.

Teachings are offered mainly in English. The daily routine consists mostly of sitting and walking meditation and also includes instructions for meditation, an evening talk, a working period and a voluntary exercise of mindful movement. The retreat is held in silence except during individual or group interviews with a teacher.

The retreat includes a daily breakfast, lunch and light dinner, all vegetarian. Participants stay in 2-4 person rooms. The retreat will take place at the Friendship Inn, which is located in Kruusila, near Salo, on the shore of beautiful Lake Pernjärvi.

Who are the teachers?

The retreat will be taught by Suvaco and Kirsten Kratz.

Suvaco is originally from Denmark, living in Devon, UK. He trained in the Thai forest tradition of Ajahn Chah for 17 years as a Buddhist monk and currently teaches meditation in Gaia House to activists committed to make social and environmental changes.

Kirsten has practised Buddhist meditation in Asia and the West since 1993. In 2006 she started to teach and since 2008 teaches group retreats in Gaia House where she also supports those on long term personal retreat. One of her particular passions is exploring how wisdom teachings can foster appropriate responses to the challenges of our time. Kirsten is co-initiator of the Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement (DANCE). Talks by Kirsten can be found here.

How much does it cost? How can I sign up?

The base price is 170 €, but it is possible to pay more or less than this. Retreat is full. More information about the price, registration and other details here.


Markku Ilo 040 413 6833, applications

Satu Posti 044 270 8807