Non-residential weekend retreat with Caroline Jones 2013

Nirodha will organize a three-day non-residential meditation retreat with Caroline Jones on 6.-8.12.2013 in Helsinki, Finland. It is possible to sign up for two or three days (Sunday mandatory). The retreat is held in English.

Insight Meditation: uncovering the beautiful heart.

The Buddha’s teachings encourage us to recognise and develop the tremendous natural resources of the human heart. Amoung these are: generosity, patience, love and strength (also known as paramis).  These qualities help us to feel connected to ourselves, other beings and the earth, in ways that bring peace and joy.  Meditation, for example the simple act of bringing our attention to our breathing, is the basis for the growth of all wholesome factors of mind and for the abandoning of the unwholesome ones. The days will be conducted mostly in silence and will include guidance on sitting and walking meditation, dharma talks, small group discussion and some one-to-ones.

Who’s teaching?

The retreat will be taught by Caroline Jones. Caroline Jones has been practising meditation since 1989. She started teaching in 2006, and now teaches at Gaia House and internationally. She has also covered periods at Gaia House as resident teacher. Caroline teaches in Finland annually. You may find some of her talks at

Where’s the retreat venue? When do we start? What to bring?

The venue is Snellman-korkeakoulu, Puuskakuja 14, 00850 Helsinki. See here for a map. On all days the program starts at 10:00, please arrive well in advance so that you don’t need to rush and have time to settle down. The program ends at 18:00. Please note that we are not able to arrange accommodation for the participants.

Please bring your own lunch, as there’s no opportunity to buy anything at the retreat site. Tea and instant coffee will be offered. It is possible to sit on the floor or on a chair. Nirodha will provide some meditation mats, cushions and benches to the participants. We’ll let you know about a week before the retreat if there are not enough mats and cushions for everyone, so you’ll know if you need to bring your own.

How much does it cost? How can I sign up?

The retreat fee is 50 euros regardless of how many days you sign up for. The fee helps us to cover the rent of the retreat venue and the costs related to  the teacher visit. Caroline won’t receive any payment for her work, so there will be an opportunity to give a donation to her after the retreat.

The registration has been closed. You can sign up by paying the retreat fee to Nirodha’s account IBAN FI6012483000213060, BIC NDEAFIHH, reference number 2013121 , and filling out the registration form. In case of cancellations, the retreat fee is not refundable.

We feel that financial situation should not prevent anybody from participating. If the retreat fee is too high for you, please contact us at and let us know how much you are able to pay.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at