Retreat 10/2010

Nirodha’s Silent Insight (Vipassana) Meditation Retreat, October 23-30, 2010 in Loppi, Finland

Insight Meditation and the Ten Paramis: Getting to know the beautiful mind

Insight meditation (also known as vipassana) is a part of the Theravada Buddhist tradition. The Ten Perfections are aspects of the awakened heart and mind. These beautiful qualities exist within each of us, to be recognised and cultivated, so they can bring great benefit to ourselves and others. They are: generosity, ethics, discernment, patience, renunciation, energy, truthfulness, perseverance, loving-kindness, and equanimity. Any moment of our life, whether it is lovely or difficult, is an opportunity to cultivate that which leads to happiness and peace.

On this retreat, through the practices of sitting and walking meditation, silence, a commitment to ethical guidelines, dharma talks, small group discussion and individual interviews, we will find out how these beneficial qualities can be encouraged to grow and blossom in awakening.

The retreat will be taught by Caroline Jones and Jake Dartington. Caroline Jones has been practising meditation since 1989. She started teaching in 2006, and now teaches at Gaia House and internationally. She has also covered periods at Gaia House as resident teacher. Jake Dartington has practised Buddhist meditation since 1995 and started teaching in 2007. He trained as a Dharma teacher with Christina Feldman. He also teaches Religious Studies and Philosophy at Bilborough College, Nottingham.

The retreat is suitable for both beginners and advanced meditators. The teaching is in English. Breakfast, lunch, and a light dinner are served during the retreat. The food is vegetarian. The venue of the retreat is meditation center Abhayaloka, about 85 km from Helsinki.

The price of the retreat is 175 euros. For those who register after October 8th, the price is 195 euros. The retreat cost covers the traveling expenses of the teachers, the rent of the retreat facility, and the food expenses. The pay of the teacers and the organizers is not included in the cost; instead, the retreatants support the teachers and the organizers by donations. This principle of generosity is a central part of Buddhist teachings. Because of it, we are able to learn insight meditation today, 2500 years after Buddha’s time.

Please send your registrations / inquiries to us at nirodha.ry(a) We will send the registration form and more detailed information to those who have expressed their interest.

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