Sutta Study Course with Caroline Jones 2013

Course description

Studying the teachings of the Buddha, as expressed in the Pali canon, offers us a special opportunity to strengthen and clarify our Dharma practice.  We will read a sutta (discourse) together, ponder its meaning, and explore how we can apply this in our practice.  We will start with the Honeyball Sutta (MN18), so called because of the sweetness of the wisdom contained within it. Sessions will include a period of sitting meditation but most of the time will be given to group discussion. The suttas are freely available at

Who is it for?

The course is appropriate for anyone who has been on at least one week-long silent meditation retreat (Nirodha’s Easter retreat is fine, too). There is no need to have studied any of the suttas in advance.

Times and venues

The course starts on 7.11. and will continue every Thursday until the last meeting on 12.12. All sessions are from 18:00 to 20:00. Five out of six meetings will be in Sörnäisten Rantatie 33 C  at Lääketieteenkandidaattiseura’s club room Euphoria. On 5.12. the group will meet at Juha Penttilä’s apartment in Helsinginkatu 28 B 37.

Signing up

The course has started and signing up has been closed.

You can sign up to the course by first paying the fee 60 € to Nirodha’s account 124830-213060 (IBAN FI60 1248 3000 2130 60) using the reference (viite) number 2013118  and then filling in the application form. If you are not paying from your own bank account please send us an email with subject ”sutta course” to to confirm the details. If the course fee is to high for you please suggest us a suitable reduced price by email. The course fee is not refundable on cancellations.