Task description in Finance team

Main tasks are shared between 2-3 members in Finance team. The estimated time are the total amount of time of that task.

  • Pay retreat expenses (roughly 3-4 hours/ retreat). Expenses usually come from two sources
    • e-invoice -> Review & approve the invoice
    • from google form -> Expense are manually added to accounting system & send for approval
  • Pay retreat dana (roughly 3-4 hours/retreat) Tasks include:
    • Check retreat sheet that the number is correctly filled, dana agreement is paid, payment information is enough
    • Pay retreat dana
    • Handle some exceptions during dana payment
  • Other tasks related to Finance team tools/ problem solving/accounting (roughly 2-5 hours/month)
    • The task varies
    • Example: fix expense form, pay VAT, pay some fixed fee, analyse retreat expenses vs income, etc.

How tasks are shared can be agreed among team members. In general, the best situation is that everyone in the team can work in all tasks so that we always have back-up. However, the precise tasks and workload can be flexibly agreed. In addition, there will usually be one reviewer and one who input the expense/payment to minimise human error.

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