Communal meditative trek 10.–17.8.2021 in Tsarmitunturi wilderness area, Lapland

In his teachings, the Buddha encouraged his disciples again and again to go out into the forests and wilderness to practice. This communal meditative trek in the wild beauty of Finnish Lapland offers us a rare opportunity to explore mindfulness, community, and living simply in nature.

This is the first time we are offering a communal trek like this, as the teachers of the previously planned trekking retreat had to cancel because of the Covid situation.

We will be walking in a range of landscapes, including both forests and alpine tundra, in a peaceful wilderness area where other people are seldom met. Part of our time together will be spent in silence, and there will be a daily program and some time for meditation. The language of the program is English, when needed (Finnish otherwise).

The event will be co-created and brought to life together as a community, and held and supported by the manager team. There is no one in the role of a teacher, in a sense of being an authority on Dharma and meditation or offering individual support for practice. This means that each of us has some more responsibility for ourselves, and also that we can find support from each other and perhaps also learn from each other’s experiences.

In addition to the trekking itself, the program might include, for example: silent and guided meditations, movement practices, guided deep ecology or insight dialogue practices, discussions and sharing circles. Perhaps also games, offering massage to each other, singing, or whatever else might be nice to do together. As we are creating this event together, there is space for participants willing to bring their skills and experience to offer some kind of a workshop, guided practice, or other program. 

The main structure of the event will follow that of Nirodha’s previous trekking retreats. However, the emphasis will not be as strongly in meditation/Dharma. We will have more time for other types of activities and just enjoying each other’s company. Also, we will have somewhat less time in silence, though everyone is welcome to find their own balance in how much time in silence and/or solitude they might wish.

May this be a time of nourishment and deepening for all of us.

Who can join? What will the trek be like?

You can join the communal trek if you have previous experience of meditation retreats (at least one 5-day silent retreat) OR experience of trekking (at least one 5-day trek) + some previous background in meditation. In addition you need a reasonable level of fitness, and some sense of adventure. Please also note that what is being offered is primarily a communal meditative hike, not just any trek.

We will trek in Tsarmitunturi wilderness area (site in Finnish), in Finnish Lapland. We will walk approximately 5-10 kilometers a day, carrying all our camping equipment and food in our backpacks. The day trips are mostly not very long, but silent meditative trekking with the heavy load brings its challenges.

How much does it cost? How can I sign up?

The base price of the retreat is 230 €. It is also possible to pay more or less than this. More information about the price, signing up and other details.


Havu Pellikka (manager, +358 50 499 1131)
Anna Backholm (manager, +358 40 5362 946)
Marianne Kautiala (registrations, +358 50 531 8228)