Non-residential weekend retreat with Paul Burrows 7.-8.2.2015

The retreat is fully booked, but you can sign up to the waiting list.

Nirodha will organize a two-day non-residential meditation retreat with Paul Burrows on 7.-8.2.2015 in Helsinki, Finland. The retreat is held in English.

Finding and Trusting Your Own Way of Practice

When the curiosity for practice erupts into life, we can turn to the world’s many religious and non-religious traditions of inquiry, for guidance and support. This however needs to be balanced with our own autonomy and trust in the liberating power of our own direct experience. Don’t practice by imitating your teachers and don’t feel obliged to practice. Instead stoke the fires of interest and make space for your own real practice to emerge. Using the traditional frameworks of vipassana meditation this two day course will be a chance to honour and nurture that which is of deepest importance to you within the context of a supportive group environment.

Who’s teaching?

Paul Burrows has practised in ashrams, Buddhist monasteries and retreat centres in the UK, India and Nepal, and began leading retreats in the Insight Meditation tradition in 2007. He is teaching regularly at Gaia House in England and has also taught several retreats in Finland. Some of his talks may be downloaded at

Where’s the retreat venue? When do we start? What to bring?

The venue is Olo-Tila, Maurinkatu 8-12, Helsinki. On both days the program starts at 10:00, please arrive well in advance so that you don’t need to rush and have time to settle down. The program ends at 18:00. Please note that we are not able to arrange accommodation for the participants.

Please bring your own lunch. Tea and instant coffee will be available. It is possible to sit on the floor or on a chair. Nirodha will provide meditation mats, cushions and benches to the participants, but if you prefer you are welcome to bring your own gear. Walking meditation might take place outdoors, so please bring clothing that’s warm enough.

How much does it cost? How can I sign up?

The proposed retreat fee is 50 euros for the whole weekend. It is used to cover the rent of the retreat venue and the costs related to organising the teacher visit. Paul won’t receive any payment for his work, so there will be an opportunity to give a donation to him after the retreat.

We feel that financial situation should not prevent anybody from participating. If the retreat fee is too high for you, please contact us at and let us know how much you are able to pay.

The retreat is fully booked, but the number of participants may still be increased. You can sign up to the waiting list by filling out the registration form, please write ”no” to the date of payment field. If you get a place we will send you payment instructions.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at